Tiles & Grout Cleaning and Sealing in Berwick and Surrounds

tiles cleaning and sealingYour tiles and hard floors are continuously exposed to a build-up of dust, dirt, grease, oil and other substances. You may think your grout is clean – and it looks reasonable on the surface – but is the colour you see the original colour of the tiles, or is built-up dirt that’s changing the appearance? It’s easy to and mop up your tiles, however using this cleaning process means you’re actually transferring the dirt to the grout, making it even dirtier in the process. Instead of just shifting the dirt around, the best thing to do is conduct a thorough deep clean to get everything looking shiny and new.

Hire a professional for your tiles & grout cleaning

It’s best to hire a professional cleaner to assist you. The cleaning method we use incorporates powerful specialised detergents, vacuuming, high pressure rinse and heat, thereby easily ridding your tiled floor of all dirt and grime. It is a proven fact that traditional grout and tile cleaning methods simply cannot compete with the results our method will give you.

We’re professionals in the field, having worked for many years to get Melbourne’s homes looking spotless. In this time, we have developed the right techniques to complete each job efficiently and promptly – you’ll barely have to wait before your home will be as clean as possible.

Trust us with your cleaning and our specialists will restore the original looks of your floor. The only logical thing here is to call us.

Servicing Berwick and all surrounding suburbs, we can tackle your tiles and grout. We will visit your home and develop a detailed cleaning plan to restore your flooring to good-as-new standards.

Contact us for cleaning and sealing

Contact us on 1300 911 364 for more information on our services and to book a free measure and quote in your own home. We are more than happy to provide you exceptional service, to get your flooring looking clean again in no time.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our customer service team will be happy to assist.





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Why Choose Us?

  • Reliable & Honest
  • Fully trained & qualified technicians
  • Offer Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning
  • Fully insured & bonded
  • Free quotes & Advice
  • 7 Day Service
  • Use non toxic chemicals
  • 24/7 Water emergency Service
  • Flexible payment options
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  • Police Checked

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