Commercial Cleaning


From shiny floors to sanitized bathrooms, keeping your office buildings and corporate facilities clean gives your employees and visitors a welcoming environment to conduct business.

We at Professional Carpet Clean offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, enabling us to deliver a complete cleaning solution. Our well trained, conscientious cleaners take pride in their work.

We deliver a reliable service, together with excellent customer service, so whether you’re looking for a regular cleaning programme for the high traffic areas of flooring in your building or the maintenance of individual items, call Professional Carpet Clean to meet your requirements.

Our commercial cleaning services will ensure your board room carpets, upholstered meeting room chairs, reception area hard floors or any individual high-profile items are kept in top shape, and the appearance of your business is maintained for your clients and business colleagues.

General Office Facilities
Countless hours of productivity are lost to businesses every year due to sick workers, don’t let this happen to your business. Professional Carpet Clean helps ensure the health and well-being of your staff, saving you time and money. 

Healthcare Facilities
Because over two million people are affected by healthcare-related infections each year, medical facilities require a commercial cleaning company that can partner with them to prevent the spread of infection.

 Education and Daycare
Schools and daycare facilities are home to millions of different germs. Professional Carpet Cleaning helps keep faculty and students stay in clean and healthy environment. 

Fitness Centres and Gyms
Warm, moist environments are ideal homes for bacteria and germs. Our cleaning methods help eliminate the places germs like to grow. 

Safety, security and alertness are essential when cleaning production environments. Our professionals are trained to provide reliable services for manufacturers of all sizes. 

Retail and Restaurant
Customers quickly judge the quality of your products, services and brand by the appearance and smell of your facility - especially your restrooms.

Don’t compromise with just cleaning, give us a chance to show the best in Professional Cleaning.

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Areas we serve