Choosing Carpet for your Kids Room

Kids are messy, that’s a given. Wherever they play it’s bound to get dirty quickly as well as get lots of wear. So when choosing carpeting for your kid’s room it’s important to consider durability as well as style, material, colour and protection.

Making sure that you work with quality carpet companies and choose companies that stand behind their product is imperative. You’ll find a wide range of different carpet companies available in both the UK and the US that offer top notch products and good customer service. There are a few other considerations that you may want to look at:

Carpeting come in loads of different styles – cut pile, loops, twisted yarn and mixtures. The style will often determine how soft it is and how resilient it will be to use and traffic.

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Types of Carpeting

Saxony is a cut-pile carpet which is comfortable and plush, but it does show marks including footprints, so probably is not a great choice for kids.

Frieze is made with twisted fibers and wears well, it is comfortable to walk and play on. It also hides marks so can be used in any room.

Sculptured mixture carpet consists of cut pile and loops and usually comes in a light and dark shade of the colour you choose which helps hide marks. This type of carpet wears well and consequently, is recommended for children’s rooms.

Berber carpet is a continuous loop pile carpet with small and large loops. It is easy to clean and easy to care for and quite often children play on the floor. It’s a soft surface that makes it easy and comfortable playing.

Since carpeting comes in a huge variety of colours there is one that will suit any personality. For a high traffic area where kids play, a medium-shade solid color would be a good choice.

Whites, off-white and dark colours show lint and dirt. The colours that work best for kids are blue, gray, green, brown or those with flecks of colour. Or, go for patterns with multiple colours to help hide dirt, stains and wear.


The most common carpet fibres are wool, nylon, olefin, polyester and fiber blends. Because it’s a flexible synthetic, nylon is resilient (denier nylon is even more so) and will bounce back to its original shape, making it an excellent fibre choice for any kids’ area.

Even though polyester is also a synthetic fiber, it isn’t as resilient as nylon and could get compressed easily. But it is less expensive than other carpeting so could be used in low traffic areas of a bedroom or used for just a few years then replaced.

Olefin or polypropylene, is a very durable synthetic fiber. Unfortunately it shows stains. Wool carpets are expensive and can be hard to clean but they are very soft, attractive and durable, but not recommended for children’s areas.

Stain Protection
Today’s carpeting has usually been treated with stain protection such as Scotchgard or Stainmaster and any carpeting installed in the kids’ room should be protected in this way.

There is so much to consider when buying carpeting and when buying it for children’s rooms, you have to be doubly sure of making the right choices.

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