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As soon as the Christmas decorations are put away, my family begins to make lists of their goals for the next year, and not surprisingly a lot of my goals have to do with my home. I get a lot of emails from others who are making the same goals. Here are seven of the most common resolutions for housekeeping and the resources to make them a reality.

1. Save money on the housekeeping budget.

Many people are looking for ways to trim every aspect of their budget, and housekeeping is no exception. There are some simple ways to cut your cleaning budget without cutting the quality of the cleaning. Most of them start by using fewer items to do the work of cleaning your home.

2. Learn to clean more quickly.

There are few people in this world who would choose to spend more time cleaning their homes. For those of us with other things we'd like to accomplish, learning to clean more quickly is a great goal. Speed cleaning is all well and good, but how do we actually speed up our cleaning routines?

3. Clear clutter.

A messy house may be in need of more than just cleaning. Often messiness can actually be too much clutter. If you've got the goal of reducing the amount of stuff in your home, the mess will disappear with the stuff. Clearing clutter is one of the most simple ways to shave tons of time off of your cleaning routines. A decluttered home is infinitely easier to clean than a cluttered one.

4. Get organized.

Once the clutter is gone, a great next step goal is to reorganize what is left. Many people make goals to get organized, but the common theme among those who fail to realize their goal, is that they lacked a plan. When every item has a home in your living spaces, it becomes a more simple process to keep and place items where they belong. Clutter becomes less of an issue. And cleaning takes much less time. 

5. Set a cleaning schedule.

There is always something to clean...or so it can seem. A cleaning schedule allows for easier management of daily, weekly, and monthly chores. It sets a pattern for cleaning your home that can make your housekeeping more efficient. A cleaning schedule has an added benefit of making sure that you aren't wasting your time cleaning things that don't really need to be cleaned. Use a cleaning schedule to keep your home clean and lessen the actual amount of time you have to spend cleaning.

6. Be more motivated to clean.

Sometimes motivation is the main thing lacking in our housekeeping. It's not always easy to be excited about chores, but there are some easy things that will help get you more motivated to clean. Motivated cleaning goes at a much quicker pace. It's not always an easy thing to find your motivation to keep things clean, but it is possible to keep your motivation with some of these easy tips.

7. Get all household members to clean.

Getting everyone to pitch in and clean together can be a big challenge. There are some tips that will get even your youngest family members into the habit of helping. Teaching a common responsibility for every member of the household is key to making sure that your home stays clean. It may take a little adjusting to get everyone on board, but the benefits of having everyone pitch in will become obvious quickly as your home seems to run itself with help from each family member.

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