Reasons to clean your carpet

Carpet Cleaning has many benifits, here are some listed below: 

  • Carpet acts like a filter in the indoor environment by trapping soils, gases, and human or animal dander.
  • Excess build up of soils in carpet may have and adverse on the indoor environment.
  • Soils, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and bio-pollutants be remove to maintain a healthy indoor environment.
  • Maximize the extraction of pollutants from the building envelope.
  • Minimize chemical, particle, and moister residue.
  • Minimize human exposure to pollutants.
  • Properly dispose of cleaning wastes.

reason to clean your carpetStudies have shown that Hot water extraction is the best method of removing not only everyday soils and pollutants, but also greatly reduce the number of bio-pollutants in carpet and upholstery, not only because of the high heat, but because of the fact that pollutants are removed from the home to the truck and then safely and environmentally responsibly disposed of. The bottom line is that carpet needs to be cleaned when it is biologically soiled, and should not be delayed until it’s surface is soiled.

Asset management is a concern that most people don’t consider when having their carpets cleaned. What I mean is that carpet, on average, is a home owners third largest investment. With the average price for carpet being around $24.00 per yard, the average home has several thousand dollars in carpeting alone. Routine cleaning is recommended by the carpet manufacturers to not only maintain appearance, but to also promote a long life for the carpet. Soiling is the number one enemy and destroyer of carpets. The average piece of sand has around 25 cutting edges on it that work to degrade carpet every time it is exposed to traffic. Modern carpets are designed to hide oiling, so that by the time a carpet appears soiled on the surface, it may already be to late to reverse some of the damage.

Appearance cleaning is third, and unfortunately, the biggest reason that most people clean their carpets and upholstery, While dirty carpets are an embarrassing eyesore, I hope that in the above sections you have learned that cleaning only for the appearance of the carpet is not the only reason to have your carpets cleaned regularly. With the above stated facts about how modern carpets hide soils, I would also like to point out a few more facts for you. The more soiled a carpet is, the more harsh of detergents are needed to clean them. These more powerful solutions can impair the stain repellence of newer generation carpets with any kind of stain guard on them. Also some spots and spills that are on carpet may permanently damage the carpet and become permanent stains if not removed as soon as possible.

If you want it clean get Professional Carpet Clean!!

Professional Carpet Clean Narre Warren use specialist equipment and expertise to remove not only the dirt but, shampoo residue and water from your carpet, so that your carpets stay cleaner for longer. Unlike professional carpet cleaning Narre Warne, most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpets wet with detergent residue.

Cleaning from Professional Carpet Clean Narre Warren every six to twelve months will help you to prolong the life of your carpet and to protect your investment. On a daily basis your carpet is subject to more wear and tear than any other item in your home and can affect its overall appearance more than any other item. Soil and grit walked into the home daily can quickly damage carpet fibres leading to premature wear.

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